Worship Services

Affirming Sundat at Richmond Hill United Church Youth Choir Musical at Richmond Hill United Church Our Ministers during a worship service at Richmond Hill United Church Youth Choir at Richmond Hill United Church Christmas Service at Richmond Hill United Church

All are welcome: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.                                        

 Upcoming services:

  Sunday, October 22   We will sing some Canadian hymns as we reflect together on Exodus 20:1-20.

 Sunday, October 29  We mark the 50th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation as our esteemed Wilhelm Bleek offers us a snapshot of Martin Luther's role in the Reformation and reflects on the hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God".

 Healing Services: Beginning on November 5, we will once again have healing services following worship on the first Sunday of each month. These services are not very long, about twenty minutes, but they are a powerful way for us to pray for each other and the world as we seek healing in our lives and the lives of those who are dear to us. On the occasional very busy first Sunday of the month, there may not be a service. We will keep everyone posted on those occasions in RHUC Online.    

 Sunday, November 26

Lunch & Learn - topic is Remit #6


Sermon Transcripts - Read / listen to current sermon notes.


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