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All are welcome: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.       

Sunday, September 9: We welcome Rev. Heather Burton to RHUC. In ministry here from 2000 to 2005, more recently Heather has been ministering in Haida Gwai. In "Islands of the People" she will be reflecting on Exodus 3:7-10 as well as an excerpt from the Haida creation story as told by Bill Reid.

Sunday, September 16: On Sunday September 16 the scripture reading will be Proverbs 1:20-33 in which we hear about Holy Wisdom who stands in the marketplace and calls people back to living in a good way.  

Shouldn't we be celebrating "The Season of Creation"? For the last few years we have been celebrating the Season of Creation as we move into the fall. This year we have decided instead to experiment with spreading the 4 weeks throughout the year, honouring creation and reflecting on what it means to be good stewards at times that connect to the changing of the seasons (while still honouring church seasons like Advent and Easter). Doing this is inspired by what used to be called Ember Days, days set apart for fasting and prayer during each of the four seasons of the year. Possibly at first connected to agricultural feasts, they were intended as times to give thanks for nature, to reflect on our need to live in moderation, and to assist others. The term Ember has 2 possible origins. In Latin these days were known as Quatuor Tempora and in German as Quartember. In old English the word ymbren referred to the cycle of the year. Either way, we mark these days with thanks for this earth and with a commitment throughout the year to live more gently. The first Ember Day will be September 23.                                  


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