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All are welcome: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.       

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 Sunday, January 13: As we shift from Christmas into the Sundays after Epiphany we wrap up the stories about John the Baptist that paralleled the stories about Jesus we heard during Advent and Christmas. We reflect on Luke 3:15-22 as we remember John's challenge to people to change their lives as well as Jesus' baptism and the profound spiritual experience he had afterward. In "Embodying the Kin-dom" James will reflect on the significance of our own baptism. As part of our worship we will celebrate the sacrament of baptism.

 Sunday, January 20: We reflect on Luke 4:14-22 in which Jesus returns to his hometown and spends time with his neighbours in the synagogue. He takes the scroll of Isaiah and proclaims that the words he reads are being fulfilled. As part of our worship Melissa Carter will share about her experiences as a teacher in Central America.    

 Sunday February 3rd after worship, the Vision Keepers Committee is hosting a pot luck lunch in the Garden Room for our LGBTQ community, their friends, families and allies.  We held this event last year and it was well attended and appreciated; we can find support and make connections with each other.  This is a time of sharing as we create the safe and accepting place that RHUC strives to be.



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