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All are welcome: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.                                        

 Upcoming services:

  Sunday, Feb. 18: Throughout Lent our readings are from John's gospel. John 3:14-21 is part of the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus and contains the well- known verse "For God so loved the world..." The main imagery of the whole passage is about Jesus being lifted up, a connection being made between the cross and the bronze serpent made by Moses as a source of healing. What does this cross focus mean to us? How does reshape how we see the world around us? This Sunday is also Scouting Sunday. We will be joined by the various troops we sponsor. Last week the scouts were away for an event being held on the long weekend.

  Sunday, March 4: Joanne Scofield will be our preacher as we reflect on John 2:13-22. In this passage Jesus and his disciples go to the Temple where Jesus casts out the merchants and moneylenders. Following worship we will gather in the gym for our Annual General Meeting.

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