Baptism and Weddings


     Baptism is a joyous occasion, and not just for the family of the one being baptized. As a sacrament, baptism is viewed in The United Church of Canada as a visible sign of God's choosing to reach out to human beings in love, to name them as siblings in Christ, and to invite them into relationship with God and one another.  Through baptism, people are welcomed into the universal church. 

     In the baptism service, the person to be baptized (or the parents of an infant or child) affirms their acceptance of the basic beliefs of our faith and offer promises related to their role within the community of faith. In the case of parents, promises include their commitment to the care of their child/children.  For parents who do not feel comfortable making faith promises on behalf of their child/children, but still wish to introduce them to the community of faith, we offer the possibility of a dedication ceremony. 

    If you are thinking about having your child/children baptized, or are seeking to be baptized as an adult, please contact the Church Office at 905-884-1301. The minister will get back to you to arrange a meeting to discuss the baptism process. All are welcome to explore baptism at Richmond Hill United Church. There is no requirement of membership for parents seeking baptism of infants and children.





     We are honoured that you are interested in celebrating your wedding at Richmond Hill United Church. We consider it a privilege to be a part of this important chapter in your life. We hope that in preparing for your wedding, you will not only become closer to one another, but closer to God and our community of faith. 

      While marriage is a civil contract, we believe that Christian marriage is more. A Christian marriage is a lifelong process - a gift God has given to all humankind for the well-being of us all. A Christian marriage, therefore, is not merely a wedding to which God is invited, but a relationship between two people formed and lived out in God's love.  At Richmond Hill United Church, all couples, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, are welcome to celebrate their marriage commitment to one another. 

Wedding at Richmond Hill United Church

    Couples wishing to be married at Richmond Hill United Church, members and non-members alike, are expected to participate in a marriage preparation program and to conduct their wedding according to the church’s policies and procedures.  We also encourage couples to attend worship regularly.

      Weddings are conducted at the discretion of the minister. Our minister, or designate, will officiate at all weddings. If you wish another member of the clergy to participate, the invitation will be considered and extended by our minister if appropriate. We encourage you to book your wedding as far in advance of your wedding date as possible. 

To enquire in regard to availability, please call the Church Office at (905)-884-1301.

In addition, please fill out the following Wedding Form: WEDDING FORM


     Fee: $1400.00.  This amount may be adjusted at the discretion of the minister. The fee, excluding a $250.00 deposit, should be submitted by cheque or etransfer, to the church office not later than one month before the wedding ceremony.  Cheques are made payable to "Richmond Hill United Church".

For information regarding Marriage Preparation, Music, Photography, Decorations, and other concerns,  please email