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HAIR Group Starts op again on September 11.  We Heretics, Agnostics, Infidels, and Riffraff are eager to start questioning, discussing, and exploring life issues.  Please feel free to come and join us, we love to hear a diversity of ideas.

Here is our schedule for the fall: We will begin with a two-week series of discussions sparked by short videos collected from the Internet.

September 11 -  Is God Good or Evil?  Take the Challenge.

September 18 - Morality, Where Does it Come From?

                    We will then begin to discuss the book A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren.  These books are available to buy from the church office.  We are asking for $18 or what you can afford.  


September 25 - Introduction and Chapter 0 (A Generous Refund)

October 2 - Part One:  Why I Am A Christian  

We will mostly discuss Chapter 3 (Would Jesus be a Christian?).  People can choose to read only this chapter or the whole of Part One, depending on their time and interest.

October 9 - Thanksgiving


In Part Two, Brian explores the "kind of Christian" he is.  We will choose several of these to explore over the remaining weeks until the Christmas break.  Listed here are some tentative choices (the group will finalize these with input from all), just to give a sense of the topics we will be exploring.  We will update RHUC Online once we have selected our final topics.  


October 16 - Why I Am Evangelical

October 23 - Why I Am Post/Protestant

October 30 - Why I Am Liberal/Conservative

November 6 - Why I Am Charismatic/Contemplative

November 13 - Why I Am Fundamentalist/Calvinist

November 20 - Why I Am Green

November 27 - Why I Am Depressed-Yet-Hopeful


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Book Club         

         Please join us on October 25th at 7 pm in the Chapel to discuss SMALL GREAT THINGS by Jodi Picoult. "...complete with unflinching insights, richly layered characters, and a page-turning plot with a gripping moral dilemma at its heart- an African American nurse and a white supremacist are at odds in a life and death situation." New members are always welcome. Please speak to Sandra Loughton for more details or call the church office at 905.884.1301.


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Women's Retreat

Women’s Spirituality

RHUC Women’s Spirituality is a group which gathers on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, September to June. We start at 10:00 a.m. with light refreshments and a time of getting caught up with each other. The theme of the day is started at 10:15.  Dates in 2017 are: September 9, 23, October 14, 28, November 11, 25.

We are a lively group of women, of all ages, who gather for mutual support, fellowship and exploration of a variety of theological and spiritual topics. We average about 12 women each session.

For further information, please contact the church office at or 905-884-1301 ext. 5.

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Shalom Seekers

Please join us from 9:30 to 11:30 in the Chapel. New members would be warmly welcomed. This is the church's longest-running study group!

           Please speak to Sandra Loughton, Dawn Moon or Peg Hiscoke for more information or call the church office at 905-884-1301. Hope to see you there!


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Men’s Breakfast Group          


The next Men’s Breakfast will be on Saturday, September 9 2017. Coffee and tea will be served at 8:15am, with breakfast in the gym at 8:30 prepared by our UCW friends. The 2017/2018 list of Guest Speakers and Topics will be presented. New participants are always welcome. The Men’s Breakfasts are a time of fellowship and camaraderie. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in more information about it. Cost is $10 / person, with net proceeds to UCW. Please RSVP to Harry Ramsaran ( or 905 508 4758) by Thursday, September 7. Thank you!

 Looking ahead: Future dates for 2017 are October 14, November 4, and December 2nd.


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