RHUC NetZero Initiative (Emissions Reduction)

Solar power

NetZero is an ad hoc committee of members from Richmond Hill United Church (RHUC) who want to reduce the carbon footprint at RHUC. RHUC is certified Light Green under the Greening Sacred Spaces certification program.

Links of interest

Government of Ontario:


February 2021 Green Minute Information:  There is a very current and evidence-based discussion on the best way forward in the climate crisis in this episode of Quirks and Quarks (CBC):  


Climate scientist Michael Mann spoke with Bob McDonald about his new book, The New Climate War, and what he thinks we need to do to preserve our planet:

  • governmental policies that individuals like you and I can't pass on our own.
    • incentives, massive incentives, for renewable energy
    • a price on carbon which Canada has
  • climate deniers are not the big issue anymore, it is the climate disruptors - people trying to divide, and despair-monger. Despair is an issue because:
    • It is not true, the science indicates if we reduce our carbon emissions dramatically, we can avert the worst impacts of climate change
    • And despair keeps us inactive.
  • We need to inform the persuadable middle of the population.

Below are excellent places to start if you want to become active in climate issues - particularly our very local Neighbours for the Planet (with the virtual conversations on Food from the York Region Food Network):

www.neighboursfortheplanet.ca (more about them below)

Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/360063478154904 (more about this below)

https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/water-environment/environmentally-friendly-city-initiatives/transformto/ (Toronto's Climate Action strategy)

https://yaleclimateconnections.org/ (ways to talk about current climate issues in positively)

https://drawdown.org/ (evidence-based solutions to the climate crisis - fostering local groups across Canada)

https://canada.citizensclimatelobby.org/ (training groups to be politically active)

https://www.forourkids.ca/ (parents group - climate focussed)

https://fridaysforfuture.org/ (youth-driven initiatives)

https://bluedot.ca/ (more than climate issues here)

The youth climate movement has been a game changer and taught us that It's about ethics, our obligation not to degrade or destroy this planet for future generations.  Let’s keep up our efforts to talk and advocate for environmental issues. Please contact me (Esther Collier, Chair, Net Zero Committee) at a.collier@sympatico.ca if you want to chat.