RHUC NetZero Initiative (Renewable Energy)

Solar power

NetZero is an ad hoc committee of members from Richmond Hill United Church (RHUC) who want to reduce the carbon footprint at RHUC. RHUC is certified Light Green under the Greening Sacred Spaces certification program.

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Government of Ontario:





Climate data

  • www.climate.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/climateData/canada_e.html
  • We have now had two Ember services at RHUC (Nov. 2018) and it has been wonderful to see the passion in our congregation to begin to advocate for climate health.  In the last service, we asked you to help raise awareness by talking to family and friends, asking them to generate climate action plans.  We also asked you to contact our leaders.  Here is an opportunity to do this from the organization called 350.org (350 parts per million is considered the safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere - we are now at around 400 ppm). 

    In just over a week, Justin Trudeau will meet with Premiers from all across Canada. 

    One thing they all have in common, as both Federal and Provincial leaders, is that they’re failing us on climate change.

    That’s why today, we’re calling on Justin Trudeau and Canada's Premiers to step up and support a bold new vision: a climate plan that commits to phasing out fossil fuels, grants every single impacted worker a good job in the transition and builds a 100% renewable energy economy that respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples.  Sign the petition calling for a climate action plan that comes with a good work guarantee.

    This level of inaction from politicians all across the country is not just disappointing -- it’s downright alarming.

    It’s already been over a month since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its most sobering report yet.

    Thanks everyone,


    If we do not heed scientists when they tell us of catastrophic and imminent crises, we are foolish beyond mea



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