Mission & Vision Statements

Richmond Hill United Church Mission Statement:

We are an inclusive community of Christian people who seek to live faithfully. In response to God’s deep and caring love, we strive to offer that love to others, locally and throughout creation.

In order to become this kind of community, we will:

  • Gather to hear God’s word, learn about God’s purpose and offer our worship
  • Offer to God and share with God’s people the gifts we have, including our time, talents and abilities, our money and building, our compassion and caring
  • Encourage all our members to share in the privileges and responsibilities of church life
  • Actively work to support one another in times of struggle or pain, to rejoice with each other in times of celebration and to sustain and develop our fellowship
  • Welcome new members into our church and invite others to share our faith life
  • Struggle to understand the needs of our local community and to respond in appropriate and significant ways
  • Share ministry with Canada’s people and people of the world  

May God bless all that we offer for the benefit of all God’s people

Richmond Hill United Church Vision Statement:

As a diverse, vibrant, active and caring Christian community, we are seeking to respond faithfully to a changing world and to our own faith community needs. We are challenged to live our faith every day, in all aspects of our lives, not just on Sunday morning.

From a congregational day away some years ago, a vision statement was developed from our mission statement. We have been striving to live this vision in three distinct and related areas:

God and Christ Centered
Focusing Spiritually

Worshipping together
Exploring spiritual gifts

Community Centered
Caring and Sharing

Reaching out to one another
Communicating our activities
Supporting the church financially

Beyond Ourselves
Ministering to the World

Building community ties
Responding to global issues

Let us continue to live our vision as each new day unfolds, and new ministry challenge lies before us.

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