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Over the course of year, there are many opportunities for members of Richmond Hill to gather together for concerts, dinners, dances, special performances, Christmas Craft Dinner, Spring Fling, Lunch and Learn, Sermon talk Back and many more.


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2018 - 2019 Virtual Walk Around AFRICA

Virtual Walk around Africa: Almost to Cape Town, the ’’Mother City”: As we celebrate the New Year, we approach Cape Town, South Africa on the most southerly tip of the African continent. This city is the oldest South African city, known to locals as the “Mother City.”  As we walk in the shadow of Table Mountain, we remember the sad history of apartheid and the painful struggle for liberation, led by Nelson Mandela. The surprises to newcomers like us are the beautiful beaches, the white-washed Cape Dutch architecture, and the many opportunities for adventure and culture. Sadly, we only have time for a short break in the cool quiet of the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. We are here in this beautiful city to visit with leaders of two innovative community-based programmes supported by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. In these programmes, we see the living out of the African saying that “Children are the reward of life”, We have walked many kilometers to hear how these new initiatives address the particular treatment needs of children and youth.

                    Our first visit is to the Blue Roof Clinic which is home to the Kidz Alive programme, with its focus on improving the interaction of healthcare workers with children around HIV issues. Kidz Alive builds adult skills and confidence and encourages counselling in the child’s own language, the use of play and art therapies and creation of child-friendly spaces. ..   

                    Our second visit is with leaders of MUSIC WORKS, which runs weekly music therapy sessions for children who have been referred by health clinic staff, teachers, nurses, or parents. In the ‘Music for Life’ programme there are many stories of how children, traumatized by AIDS, have begun to heal by learning music skills and by making music together. We are delighted to be asked to join in the music. However, we will soon have to take our leave and begin the trek to Windhoek Namibia to the northwest.

 For more information, please speak to Peg Hiscoke or Donna Harrison or contact us at Walkers already signed up will receive their kits before Sept 9 ( Grandparent Day).