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    Sunday, January 24: In Mark 1:14-20, we hear the familiar calling of the four fishers, Simon, Andrew, James and John who leave everything behind to follow Jesus. We also reflect on an excerpt from Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue's book I Keep the land Alive. In "A Time of Transition", James reflects on how Jesus' ministry picks up from where John the Baptist's leaves off, and how we each are called to continue on from where Jesus left off, each in the context of our own lives and circumstances.     

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  James’ video to children:!AlBjmozEVDR0gaIpsk2Td5WDkSA-Zg

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 May we continue to keep each other and world in prayer, especially those who are most vulnerable, those who are grieving or struggling, and all of those on the frontline putting themselves and their families at risk to keep all of us safe. We will get through this together.


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