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Affirming Ministry Vision

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We are proud to declare that Richmond Hill United Church is an affirming ministry, celebrating diversity and committed to the inclusion of,and justice for, all people, regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability, economic circumstance, or any other difference that has led to exclusion, marginalization, or oppression within the church or society.

In response to God’s deep and caring love, as expressed in the teachings of Jesus, we strive to offer that love to others.

Affirming Sunday - Church Leader

We welcome, invite, and affirm all people as full participants in every aspect of the life of the congregation.

As an affirming ministry, we declare publicly our intention to create a safe space within which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families and friends will celebrate life passages and share in church membership, leadership and mission.

Approved at Congregational Meeting on April 28, 2013

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Affirming Ministry Action Plan

1. Communication to Community at Large

Create a new web-site for Richmond Hill United Church that will incorporate the Affirming Vision Statement, Affirm logo and links to other organizations including LGBT.

2. Communication within Richmond Hill United Church

Include Affirm logo in all internal communication media, including letterhead, Order of Service, weekly on-line newsletter and include parts of our Vision Statement as appropriate.

3. Ongoing Affirm Programme

Create a sub-committee as part of the Welcome Committee to continue the work developed during the Affirming Ministry process.

4. Working with the local community

Schedule an evening Community Forum as an annual event, incorporating LGBT and other groups supporting potentially marginalized people. Celebrate and support LGBT events in the community (e.g. Annual York Region Pride Service will be held at RHUC on June 16th, 2013).

5. Justice Education Programmes

Expand Lunch & Learn sessions on Sunday to provide ongoing education on justice issues, to better understand and support people in the congregation and community.

6. Identify Special Needs around LGBT

Discern the most appropriate ways to provide education and support to groups such as youth, parents and seniors dealing with personal challenges associated with LGBT.

7. Support for the Affirm Process

Provide support to other congregations wishing to take the journey of becoming an Affirming Ministry, both by a written process of RHUC experience and a willingness to speak to other congregations.

Approved at a Council Meeting on 8th May, 2013.

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